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Lectures come

to life!

From breaking up mushrooms to bursting through biofilms, budding scientists in Chem 184 took experiments into their own hands. Students worked as teams to ask novel research questions, perform self-designed biochemical experiments, and communicate results to their peers!

Keeping up with 

the literature

Students in Chem 181 selected recently published papers and presented them as scientific posters for their final presentations. Pulling from compelling topics as diverse as photochemistry, mechanistic enzymology, protein engineering, and drug design, students put their communication skills and biochemistry problem-solving to good use. 

Education & Outreach

Research & Outreach

with Dr. Debbie Yager

Since the summer of 2010, bioengineer and local high school chemistry teacher Dr. Debbie Yager has been spending part of her summers in the Cegelski lab working on research. The partnership continues during the school year when graduate students attend Debbie's classes at Castro Valley High School to help lead the high school students in hands-on chemistry labs! 

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