Prof. Lynette Cegelski

Principal Investigator



Jasna Brcic

Postdoctoral Fellow


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Postdoctoral Fellow

Schuyler Chambers


Jamie Jeffries

Graduate Student - Molecular & Cellular Physiology 


Nicolette Goularte

Graduate Student - Structural Bio



Madeline Chosy


Graduate Student - Chemistry


Till Kallem

Graduate Student - Chemistry


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Debbie Yager

Research Associate


Dante Dullas

Undergraduate Student


Alan Tong

Undergraduate Student

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Jocelyn Chen

Undergraduate Student

From hikes at Wunderlich to happy hours at Treehouse, Thai Fest, and 5/10K runs, our lab outings are always an adventure! 

Beyond the Bench

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Lab Alumni

Graduate Students
Oscar McCrate, Ph.D. Chemistry 2013. Now: Res Assoc (Wayne State Univ) 
Marie Maher, Ph.D. Chemistry 2016. Now: Univ Maryland School of Dentistry
Courtney Reichhardt, Ph.D. Chemistry 2016. Now: Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Washington University

Emily Hollenbeck, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 2017. Now: MyoKardia

Alex Antonoplis, Ph.D. Chemistry 2019. Now: Scientist and Danaher iDEAS Fellow (SCIEX)

Wiriya Thongsomboon, Ph.D. Chemistry 2019. Now: Faculty Member at Mahasarakham University, Thailand. 

Noelle Rabiah, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 2019. Now: Senior Engineer at Pionyr Immunotherapeutics

Joseph Romaniuk, Ph.D. Chemistry 2019. Now: Senior Research Specialist at Dow

Roxanne Jacobs, MS Chemistry 2021. Now: Psychology

Sabrina Werby, Ph.D. Chemistry 2021. Now: Program Manager (Regulatory Affairs) at Genentech

Joshua Visser, Ph.D. Chemistry 2021. Now: Stanford H&S Dean's Fellow

Postdoctoral Scholars
Xander Barnes, 2011-2013. Now: Full Professor (ETH Zurich) 
Rie Nygaard, 2011-2014. Now: Research Associate (Columbia University, Physiology and Cellular Biophysics)
Dave Rice, Research Associate 2013-2015. Now: NMR Facility Manager (UC Merced) 
Ji Youn Lim, Postdoctoral Scholar 2009-2015. Now: aMDi Labs

Roi Rutenberg, Postdoctoral Scholar 2018-2021. Now: Impossible Foods

Undergraduate Students
Janine May, B.S. Chemistry 2010. PhD Harvard. Now: Boston Consulting Group
Amy Jacobson , B.S. Chemistry 2011. PhD UCSF. Now: Program Manager, Microbiome-Stanford Sarafan ChEM-H.
Elaine Huspeni, B.S. Chemistry 2010 
James Bonhoff, B.S. Chemistry 2011.  M.D. Univ Pittsburgh 2016.
Michael Kim, B.S. Chemistry 2012 
Jilliane Bruffey, B.S. Chemistry 2013 
Heather Beagley, B.S. Chemistry 2013 Now: Medical School
Gerry Rivera, B.S. Chemistry 2014. PhD Washington Univ.
Sarah Takimoto, B.S. Chemistry 2015. Now: Medical School (UCSF)
Jessica Lee, B.S. Human Biology 2016. Now: Pursuing Public Policy

Sarah Lindsay, B.S. Biology 2016, M.D. Stanford 2020, Now: Residency
Bright Zhou
, B.A. Archaeology, M.S. Biology 2017. Now: Stanford Medical School

Cheston Gunawan, B.S. Chemical Engineering 2016. Now: Senior Data Scientist atTwitter

Jeremy Uang, B.S. Chemistry. Now: Medical School (USC)

Maddie Sutton, Stanford Undergrad

Michelle Park, B.S. Chemistry 

Allen Huang, Stanford Undergrad

Kyle Enriquez, B.S. Chemistry, M.S. Biology. Now: MD/PhD Program at Vanderbilt

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