Identification of a Novel Pyruvyltransferase using 13C Solid-state NMR to Analyze Rhizobial Exopolysaccharides. Wells DH, Goularte NF, Barnett MJ, Cegelski L, Long SR. Journal of Bacteriology (2021) In press.


Molecular Organization of the E. coli Cellulose Synthase Macrocomplex. Acheson JF, Ho R, Goularte NF, Cegelski L, Zimmer J. Nat Struct Mol Biol. (2021) 28, 310-318.



Mechanochemical Synthesis of Elusive Fluorinated Polyacetylene. Boswell BR, Mansson CMF, Cox JM, Jin Z, Romaniuk JAH, Lindquist KP, Cegelski L, Xia Y, Lopez SA, Burns NZ. Nature Chemistry (2020) In press. 


Racing for the Surface: Pathogenesis of Implant Infection and Advanced Antimicrobial Strategies. Shen J, Gurtner GC, Cegelski L, Yang YP. Book chapter in Advances in Antimicrobial and Osteoinductive Studies (2019) In press.


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 ------ Cegelski Graduate School and Postdoc Publications ------

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